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History of the switches, the ancestor of the micro switch

We know that a micro switch is the mini version of a switch so we cannot speak of the origin of one without mentioning the other.

The micro switch manufacturer, at the beginning knew very well that their product underwent many changes to become what it is today, since its beginnings were much simpler (in terms of functions to fulfill) unlike what it does now. However, although it maintains simplicity, it is capable of unleashing the great potential of so many other equipment connected to it.

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It is then that we can say that each micro switch manufacturer knows in depth the history of the older brother or father of their micro switches, always taking into account the basic principles that lead to the proper functioning of these elements and of all those who connect to it.

The story of the need for a switch or even a micro version of this goes back from time immemorial, where the human being always sought to overcome the darkness. First, he did it by discovering fire, and then another important discovery that stopped the passage of darkness was electricity.

After the latter discovery, the creation of various objects that allowed the regulation, distribution, activation and deactivation of the current flow to other elements involved, such as light bulbs, lamps and many others, was created.

One of the needs that arose for these devices was an element that allowed them to do these tasks mentioned above, but that they could also respond to the needs of people who would use this new invention at home.

A switch was one of the best solutions, why? Because it allowed or interrupted the passage of electrical energy, they are only a simple principle, without involving complicated devices, just having a movable internal bridge, which, once deployed through the external impulse it received, could make the current pass, or also the opposite when this bridge lost contact with one of the ends.

Because this apparatus is so necessary, it appears in conjunction with electricity, that is, the switch was born during the 19th century, but in a different way than what we know, as a kind of protocol.

It was not until the year 1884 that the engineer John Henry Holmes created a much more accurate version of quick-interrupting switches, which served as inspiration and the basis for further improvement of the versions.

With the passage of time, more practical elements were incorporated, which began to undergo changes depending on the user's safety, and also on the practicality of its use, and thus everything evolved, until the need to incorporate these elements in a smaller version, and it was here that the micro switch was given way.

Each micro switch manufacturer seeing that their products were increasingly requested and that they really represented a great solution for many other manufacturers, they were creating different versions of the micro switch, and this is how today we can see them in so many places, taking charge from the most daily tasks, even those that seemed impossible.

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